4 Unique Ways To Celebrate Father’s Day!

Father figures are special. I’m sure you love and appreciate yours all year, but Father’s Day is a wonderful occasion to celebrate and thank them for all they have done to help you grow! Making Fathers Day a special occasion can be difficult at times, especially if they don’t want gifts. The best way to make this Father’s Day unique is with memorable experiences, so let’s dive into some options!

Shake Up More Than The Seasoning!

Father figures are generally one of two things; A grill master or a food lover.

If the grill master describes them best then spend some time enjoying a BBQ outside, and if that isn’t unique enough for you add a twist! Burgers, steak, and other classic grilled foods are probably their specialty so get a few items that are outside of their comfort zone and try to grill them together! Different vegetables, a variety of new meats, some fruits, and even avocados can be cooked to perfection on the grill. Give it a try, don’t worry too much about mistakes, and enjoy some culinary creativity with your Father figure!

Now if a food lover describes them best, consider which foods they love specifically. Despite restaurants being closed in some places you can still treat them to a fine dining experience at home! Try making some of their favorites and maybe even decorate the dining area to create a restaurant-like atmosphere. Regardless of how close to the actual thing you can get, the effort you put in will show how much you appreciate them and make it an unforgettable meal.

If you aren’t much of a cook don’t worry. You can always decorate and then order out and maybe even choose some cuisine that is new and exciting to both of you!

Hyped Up Hikes!

If your father figure is fond of the outdoors then why not embrace that on Father’s Day! Consider a hiking trip with the people who love them most. You can pack a picnic to enjoy, spend some quality time talking, and learn a lot from their outdoor expertise.

Whether the people in your Father’s Day hiking group are young or older consider adding an element of search and find to the hike for some unique fun! List some native species of toad, plants, birds, even rocks in certain shapes and have a prize set aside for the winner. Whoever finds the most items wins! The great part of this is you can customize it to where you live and to the difficulty that best fits your group; you can even enjoy this game on really flat and easy hikes so Grandpa can join too!

Build Your Own Fun

Have you ever seen those yard games like Giant Jenga, corn hole, or a massive Connect 4. If you haven’t, then look them up because giant yard games are just as fun as they sound! The best part is you can make most of them by hand.

If your father figure is the crafty DIY type then building your own yard games will be a blast! Pick out a style of game, or even make up your own if you are up to the challenge. Then grab some supplies and enjoy a day of building together. This is a great opportunity for them to share something they enjoy doing with you and it is extra rewarding because the product of all that building will be a game everyone can enjoy.

Just imagine the pride on your Father’s face when you have company over and they comment on how cool that yard game is and he can tell them that you two built it together.

Sporty Adventures!

What is your Father figures favorite sport? Maybe it is golf, fishing, or even speed racing. Regardless of what it is, do your best to join in and make it special. Physical gifts that will better their ability to enjoy the sport may be the first thing that comes to mind, but you can do so much more than that.

You can join them and learn why they love the sport so much or you can make your time playing that sport unique by adding challenges or trying new places. For example you can bring him to a golf course he has never been to, take a charter to fish an area that he has only experienced from the shore, or even have a putting competition in the backyard. The options are only limited to the expanse of your imagination so really consider what makes that sport special to them and find a way to highlight that for a memorable Father’s day experience.

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