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Summer Driver Safety

20 Tested Road & Driving Tips Summer is almost here, and studies show that 60% of Americans plan road trips during the hot and sunny summer months. With fuel prices low and alternate methods of travel being less economical, people will be taking advantage of our country’s vast infrastructure of highways. Before a long drive,

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6 Easy & Affordable Ways To Decorate Your Patio

Having a patio adds tons of outdoor living space to your home, making it a much more attractive place to spend time. However, it’s very easy to forget to decorate your patio or even let it decay, which often results in less time spent there. You don’t need tons of money or creativity to make

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2022 Community Association Legislation

The 2021 legislative session was one of the most active legislative years impacting California community association law. Pressures of the California affordable housing crisis continue to seep into several laws to increase housing density availability and rental properties.  All in all, California’s community associations fared well with several pieces of legislation clarifying omissions and ambiguities

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The Benefits of Street Sweeping

The Fall season means football, pumpkin spice, sweater weather, and fallen leaves accumulating on Association streets. Regular street sweeping is an effective way to remove leaves and litter before the debris clogs storm drains or is washed into waterways by rainfall, polluting our creeks and ocean.    During the fall and winter months, the focus

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Top 4 Summer Flowering Plants

Looking for great ways to spruce up your yard for the summer months? Try these great flowering plants which will bring a unique look to your home or business. AsterFew plants can brighten a tired corner like these tough perennials. They thrive through summer and bloom nearly nonstop into fall if you keep the spent

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