The Benefits of Street Sweeping

The Fall season means football, pumpkin spice, sweater weather, and fallen leaves accumulating on Association streets. Regular street sweeping is an effective way to remove leaves and litter before the debris clogs storm drains or is washed into waterways by rainfall, polluting our creeks and ocean. 


During the fall and winter months, the focus of the Association Street sweeping efforts should be leaf removal from street trees to help keep gutter and storm drains clear. Residents should be encouraged not to rake, blow or pile up grass clippings, leaves, or pruning waste in the street to assist sweepers better. Nearly all sweepers cannot pick up large piles of debris, and those materials will be left for the Association to remove. Remember, street sweeping is intended to clean what naturally is present on the street.


Sweeping too slow or too fast can mean your sweeping service is not removing road pollutants effectively. Keep in mind that street sweeping captures pollutants before rainwater makes them soluble, reducing stormwater runoff. This is unlikely to happen if street sweeping races through the community. The sweeping service should drive in the range of 3 to 7 miles per hour.

Three Benefits of Street Sweeping


Improves Appearance

Perhaps the most apparent benefit of street sweeping is that it improves the aesthetic of your community streets. By removing stray trash, stains, and debris, a street sweeper allows a road to look cleaner and more attractive.


Improves Safety

Drivers must utilize streets to make their way to work, school, and many other activities. Removal of road debris will create a safe environment in which to drive.


Helps the Environment

Dirty streets can negatively affect the environment. After waste particles make their way onto streets, they can be carried into various ecosystems creating toxic conditions for animals, plants, and people. Regular and proper street sweeping should remove those elements and help the environment.


When street sweeping is done regularly and properly, a community benefits in many ways.

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