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HOA Insurance: Is Your Coverage Sufficient?

Insurance brokers are one of an HOA’s most important vendors, yet they are often ignored until claims arise. This mistake can be costly.Insurance is a contract in which the insurer accepts a fee (“premium”) and in return agrees to pay for certain incidents of damage (property insurance) or claims of liability (casualty insurance). Because insurance

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Potential Sacramento Legislation: Here Are The Good Bills

In typical years the Legislature considers a handful of bills concerning HOAs, but 2021 is an unusually heavy year. There are at least 20 bills pending that reference or directly affect common interest developments. Many are technical, but a handful of bills propose to make significant changes (some good and some bad) to California associations.

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Setting Agendas: Who, When & How

Setting the agenda for a board meeting is an important parliamentary protocol as the agenda establishes what will be discussed at the upcoming meeting. Though an agenda is required by the California Civil Code, California law does not specify how to set the agenda, and association governing documents are often silent on the issue.  California’s Open

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Why and How We Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

Saint Patrick’s Day, also known as the Feast of Saint Patrick, is an annual cultural and religious celebration that takes place on March 17th of every year. Historical Overview Many people don’t know that Saint Patrick was not Irish. He was born in Roman Britain with the birth name of Maewyn. Then, he got kidnapped

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Should I rent or buy a house in 2021?

Now that it’s 2021, making a critical decision of whether buying a house or renting one will be most suitable for your needs. The 2020 global pandemic has left its mark on several industries with the real estate sector hitting the lowest mortgage rates in a few countries. On the other hand, several other countries

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9 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day During Covid

Even during the simplest of times, Valentine’s Day can feel a bit…cliché. Or it can bring pressure to plan something your partner will appreciate, if you’re, in fact, partnered up. And this year, the very fact that we’re in a quarantine amid the continued COVID-19 pandemic has added an entirely new layer to planning. Create

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