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Should I rent or buy a house in 2021?

Now that it’s 2021, making a critical decision of whether buying a house or renting one will be most suitable for your needs. The 2020 global pandemic has left its mark on several industries with the real estate sector hitting the lowest mortgage rates in a few countries. On the other hand, several other countries

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9 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day During Covid

Even during the simplest of times, Valentine’s Day can feel a bit…cliché. Or it can bring pressure to plan something your partner will appreciate, if you’re, in fact, partnered up. And this year, the very fact that we’re in a quarantine amid the continued COVID-19 pandemic has added an entirely new layer to planning. Create

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Welcome To The Neighborhood

Kits, packets, letters – whatever you may call them, Welcome Mailings are the perfect opportunity to prove to new homeowners that they made the right choice moving to your neighborhood. But what exactly goes into a Welcome Mailing? We’ve outlined best practices and helpful ideas for HOAs that want to assemble a winning Welcome Mailing:

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10 DIY Christmas Stocking Stuffers For Everyone

Candy Cane Sugar Scrub Here’s a fun gift that any girl will enjoy. This homemade candy cane sugar scrub is easy to make and smells fantastic. You can put it in a mason jar that you decorate with ribbon or find a Christmas theme container to hold it. You’ll need white table sugar, finely crushed

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Ways To Beautifully Decorate Your Home During Quarantine

The pandemic has many people spending their time inside, and after a while, even the most beautiful spaces may start to feel mundane. You may not be able to get out as much as you used to, but there are ways to make staying in feel more refreshing. If you are interested in creating a

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5 Easy Home Improvements You Can Do In A Weekend

One of the reasons that many people shy away from home improvement is that it can be very time-consuming. With very busy schedules, it can be difficult to commit to taking on a project that requires lots of planning, effort, and in some cases even money to complete. However, there are actually plenty of home

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