9 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day During Covid

Even during the simplest of times, Valentine’s Day can feel a bit…cliché. Or it can bring pressure to plan something your partner will appreciate, if you’re, in fact, partnered up. And this year, the very fact that we’re in a quarantine amid the continued COVID-19 pandemic has added an entirely new layer to planning.

Create an in-house happy hour.

Who needs a bar experience when wine and liquor stores exist? Splurge on something you’ve been eager to try or buy something you miss. This could be an evening for 18-year-old Scotch, or a wonderfully aged red.

Make it a Netflix night.

Since the streaming entertainment giant recently announced it may release a minimum of one new movie per week for the whole year, choose between classic and new series and films, including Malcolm and Marie (streaming Feb. 5), shot in black and white during the pandemic and following the intimate story of a couple played by Zendaya and John David Washington.

Make a handmade card.

Is your partner into words of love? Channel your inner self as a kid and make a Valentine’s Day card from the heart. To prepare, use colorful paper, markers, and even stickers. If you have a local 99 Cent or Dollar store, there are tons of cheap gifts that you can use to create a memorable keepsake.

Play games.

Take the opportunity to connect with your lover over a game of cards or a board game. There are plenty of fun games you can order online or perhaps tucked away in a closet. Turn off the TV and put away your phones and literally disconnect for an evening of fun!

Lounge around.

Luckily, Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year. That means it’s not a workday! If you’re staying home, does one actually need pants? Close the blinds and get undressed to your (hopefully good looking) underwear. Then play some music and vibe out…or find another activity to try. If that’s not your thing, stay in bed and watch TV all day.

Sip and paint.

You may remember this fun activity that involves painting canvases and drinking excessive amounts of wine. Recreate this pre-pandemic activity at home by getting watercolor paints and canvas from your local Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. Then set up a subject to paint (fruit, wine bottles, flowers), say cheers, and bring the object to life. Oh, and painting on each other can also be fun!

Take a long drive.

Fill up your car with gas, pack up some snacks and non-alcoholic drinks, and drive to a destination you’ve been wanting to go see. You can stop your ridee at a secluded area like a park or a campsite. It’s hard being cooped up inside, so get out and enjoy the outside.

Follow a yummy recipe on YouTube.

Turn off MasterChef and win at cooking in the real world after you find a fun recipe to follow on YouTube. It’s free and fun! There are plenty of channels to choose from and thousands of delicious recipes to watch and cook.

Read to each other.

Does your partner like poetry? Maybe fantasy? Or something else? Whatever you or your partner enjoys, alternate reading a couple of verses or pages to each other from your favorite book or one you hope they might like. Reading to each other creates a connection and who knows…it may bring you closer.

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