Welcome To The Neighborhood

Kits, packets, letters – whatever you may call them, Welcome Mailings are the perfect opportunity to prove to new homeowners that they made the right choice moving to your neighborhood.

But what exactly goes into a Welcome Mailing?

We’ve outlined best practices and helpful ideas for HOAs that want to assemble a winning Welcome Mailing:

Include a Welcome Letter

A thoughtful welcome letter creates a warm, inviting experience for new members of the community. When writing your letter, think of it as a more personal executive summary of the community and. the association.

Don’t Forget To:

  • Congratulate them! Touch on a few reasons why living in your community is so special.
  • Introduce key players. Include pictures and bios of community managers and board members.
  • Highlight mailing content. You want them to hold onto this mailing, so make it clear as to why.
  • Avoid discussing dues. The welcome letter should be a friendly hug, not a business handshake.
  • Offer best wishes! End the letter by offering to help with any future questions and/or concerns.

Add Community Contact Information

One of the first documents in the mailing should be useful community contact information. This will likely be a sheet they keep on the fridge and refer back to often. A great way to make it easier for homeowners to review is to break it down into sections.

  • Board Members – List each board member’s name, title, email, and phone number.
  • Security – Include community/neighborhood security services, as well as local agencies.
  • Management Company – If your HOA employs a management company, include their contact information so homeowners can reach them directly, if needed.

Include Governing Documents & Important Forms Information

Once you’ve welcomed the homeowner and provided helpful contacts, you can turn to more specific documents and forms. While its likely your homeowners have already received copies of the CC&R’s; Rules and Regulations; Architectural Guidelines during purchase, give them information where those documents and other important information may be stored on online for their access. Some documents to include in your website or online storage center.

  • Pet & Leash Rules. This establishes a precedent from the beginning and helps ensure the security of pets.
  • Provisions on parking & trash removal. If there are any specific rules about parking and trash removal, it should be included to help orient your new homeowners and curtail disputes.
  • HOA Dues and how to pay them. Discuss the dues associated with the HOA and instruct them on how to remit payments. Include information on your online payment processes, if any.
  • Maps of the community. This may be important for homeowners who want to know the bounds of the property managed by the HOA.

Make Your Welcome Mailing Memorable

As you orient the homeowner with documents, information and a well crafted letter, consider including a small gift. The move-in process is almost always stressful, so give them something that will make it easier, such as:

  • A list of local restaurants who deliver to the neighborhood and a gift card for dinner
  • A Bouquet of flowers
  • A gift basket with snackes, candles and wine
  • A gift card to a home improvement store

The presentation of your Welcoming Mailing is every bit as important as its contents. Ensuring it is polished and delivered promptly, will undoubtably provide new residents with a sense of pride in the community they now call home.

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