Ways To Beautifully Decorate Your Home During Quarantine

The pandemic has many people spending their time inside, and after a while, even the most beautiful spaces may start to feel mundane. You may not be able to get out as much as you used to, but there are ways to make staying in feel more refreshing. If you are interested in creating a quarantine home makeover read on for some clever tips and tricks!

The Living Room

Sitting on the couch after a long day out or at work used to be a luxury but after months of reading or movie marathons it may be feeling dull. If you are looking to bring some life back into your living room consider adding something that delights you or additions that bring your household together. For example, avid moviegoers may spice up their space with a fresh new popcorn maker and a high-quality TV to make their at-home experience more cinematic. If you love the beach consider embracing some cool tones, natural decorations, and maybe even a fish tank or water feature. Simply dream up the place you feel most relaxed and pull parts of your happy place right into your living room! For families, you can create a space in your living room that supports a shared hobby.
Maybe it is puzzles, crafting, or board games. Whatever that unifying interest is, embrace it fully and watch as the household gravitates towards your living room.

The Bedroom

The bedroom is a deeply personal space, and all too often it is neglected in our rush to get ready every morning.
It may seem simple, but organizing and cleaning out your bedroom can have a huge impact on how the room feels.
A simplistic and clean space makes room for small details like an aroma therapy diffuser or a new vanity.
If you are looking for a bigger change consider what colors and styles make you feel most relaxed. Then go all in for a full room makeover to transform your sleeping space into the most tranquil area in your home!


There is nothing wrong with pampering yourself and your bathroom should be the perfect place for it.
Treat yourself to a full mirror, high-quality lighting, a new shower head, and any other appliances that help get ready to take on every day with confidence! Bathrooms are also a great place to wind down at the end of the day. If you are looking for some serious relaxation before bed, a spa tub with jet massaging attachments and a heating light or heated floors are amazing investments as well.

The Kitchen

If home-cooked food is becoming more regular and eating out is turning into a rare luxury then it is definitely time to give your kitchen some attention. The more time you spend in your kitchen the more inconvenient things you will notice. Maybe the sink is too small for dishes or maybe you need more counter space. Take note of whatever you notice could use some improvement and then research some solutions. Adding an island or a rolling kitchen cart are perfect ways to add more counter space. If the layout of your kitchen is satisfactory then take a look at your appliances. There are endless automatic options on modern appliances that could make your time in the kitchen much easier. You can even add in new appliances like an air fryer, pasta machine, or pressure cooker for an exciting expansion of your options for recipes!

Home Office

At first working from home may have felt like a blessing, but over time home offices have a tendency to bore us.
This is often because it is so easy to be distracted at home, and even though you may have a home office it may not have been meant for full-time use. If you have the ability to separate your home office from any noise or distractions going on in the rest of the house that is a great start. A new desk that appropriately fits all of your work supplies and a chair that is comfortable enough to sit in for a full workday is also a must. Adding storage is a great way to avoid any distracting clutter in your workspace so you can stay focused. If the coffee isn’t helping you stay alert enough you can also consider moving your workspace closer to a window where the natural light will keep you feeling fresh and alert. If a window is not an option for your space you can also purchase some lights that mimic daylight to replace any dim lightbulbs.

Most importantly add a little something that inspires you. It may be a poster, picture, some goals you have framed, or a place where your furry best friend can sit right beside your desk. Embrace whatever makes you feel motivated and incorporate it into your workspace to make your home office somewhere you enjoy spending your time.

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