5 Smart Ways to Keep Yourself Away from Coronavirus

The ongoing threat of coronavirus has put life out of balance across the globe. Most of the countries have already fallen prey to the disease while others are facing a severe threat of the disease outbreak. Even WHO has declared it as a global pandemic and the Governments of all countries are making strict attempts to safeguard their people. 

However, all efforts would turn out futile if we do not stay proactive and take the precautionary measures. This article elaborates on some smart ways which can help you to stay away from the corona infection. 

  1. Stay Informed: The foremost key is to stay updated with the ongoing scenarios around you. Awareness is basically the tool to escape. Get updates about the cities where the virus outbreak has already taken place and of course avoid those areas. 

    Being a new infectious agent, not much information is available with scientists as of now. However, updates and instructions are being posted regularly for public awareness. Check reliable sources for such information. Also, do not fall prey to fake threats being posted on social websites. In this situation of dread, be a smart city and act responsibly to avoid any sort of carelessness.
  2. Personal hygiene: Viruses tend to spread very fast and in this situation of massive outbreak you should never take a risk. So make sure to sanitize your hands regularly. Prefer an alcohol-based sanitizer for maximum benefits. Also, use tissues while sneezing or coughing. Do not touch your face with unclean hands. Lastly and the most important, carry a face mask while going outside and as you must be aware normal paper masks are futile. Purchase special category surgical masks only!
  3. Healthy lifestyle: Your immune system is basically your first line of defense. Though the infection is very widespread, keeping your immune system tip-top is your responsibility. So, the best advice would be to take care of yourself, eat healthily, get proper sleep and stay hydrated. 
  4. Clean surroundings: Not just yourself but you also need to work on your surroundings. Keep your home clean and tidy. Especially the doorknobs and floor must be cleaned with disinfectants to avoid any carelessness. 
  5. Travel Safe: Scared while traveling? My answer would be both a yes and No; it totally depends on your commute. If you’re heading to infected zones then cancel the plan! However, if the area is still okay, then you can think of continuing the plan but only if it’s necessary. Staying quarantined is best in this tense situation. In case you’re traveling, then prefer personal vehicles to avoid crowded areas, maintain personal hygiene and maintain a distance from sick people. 

Should you be worried about the Coronavirus outbreak? Yes, it is definitely a sensitive matter. However, panicking is no solution! Life goes on and you must not stop. Take proper care of yourself and follow the instructions listed above. Stay safe, stay healthy! 

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