HOA Connection Makes Its’ Debut!

Scott Smith is pleased to announce the formation of HOA Connection and the debut of the new company website. “As a community manager for 33 years and and an owner of a Community Management company for 17 of those years, I’ve learned the importance of communication to the members of the Associations I’ve been involved with”

HOA Connection has been formed to continue that communication process to association members for companies that believe like Smith that keeping their members informed about their Association benefits the Board, Management and the community at large.

HOA Connection will assist Management Companies via email communications with Branded Community Templates specific for each community and content that will allow members to easily know what is going on in their community.

HOA Connection will also provide each client management company with regular reports on the results of the emails sent each month so managers will be able to communicate to their Boards the value they are receiving from the service.

Interested, contact Scott at 714-904-0920 or scott@hoaconnection.com for more information.

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